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Katunki linen embroidery goods are unique and different. Our trade - called "Nizhny Novgorod lace" - is a modern representation of old "strochka po vydergu", which is more than 100 years' age. Katunki needlewomen are local masters who have studied the craft of embroidery from their mothers and grandmothers. 
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Price: 4 800 РУБ/RUB
Price: 2 500 РУБ/RUB
Price: 3 000 РУБ/RUB
Price: 1 100 РУБ/RUB
Price: 500 РУБ/RUB
Price: 3 000 РУБ/RUB
Price: 1 800 РУБ/RUB
Price: 2 000 РУБ/RUB
Price: 700 РУБ/RUB
Price: 20 000 РУБ/RUB
Price: 1 950 РУБ/RUB

Everything presented on this website is available.

You are welcome to order wia webstore, landline or e-mail
Estimated delivery times are dependent on your order's volume and complexity.
Prices: RUB 50 - 35000
Complex products are prepaid up to 50%.
Delivery: via mail or transport company
Special packaging - on request.