Dear friends! Buy our products quickly and easily.

All that you see here on the site, you can buy right now by filling out the form below with your address and telephone number.
We will send the product in the mail you select, overlaid with the parcel delivery, or bring yourself, if you live near Nizhny Novgorod, or in the city.

Soon you will also be able to pay for your chosen product by credit card directly on the site. Color products selected when purchasing it. But if you do not have the color that you would like, you can write to us and make an order for the production of products for the selected sample.

Moreover, complex products with lots of embroidery, you can design with us. We will make you a few samples of embroidery, send their photos to your email address. Only after you have selected the sample approval we will start the production of the product.
We are pleased to inform you also that the orders for our clothes washing products to provide a cut. This means that the product you have bought, never "sit" in subsequent washings. This is our commercial advantage, and we are pleased to note that.

We also execute and corporate orders. For example, linen bags for various professional exhibitions and conferences. In this case, we can not only embroider your logos on the product, but also to print on the fabric whatever you wish. Shipment will make transport campaign or by courier directly to your doorstep. With each customer, these details are negotiated separately.

We can make you a special nice package - a box or bag with an exclusive sign, taking on some of the problems on product design for a gift. We are mobile and open to contact. We are ready to develop new products together with you and invite you to make friends with us.

All the best to you from the Katunki masters!