History of trade

At the end of XIX - early XX century were Katunki parish village. Leading crafts here were tannery, furrier, woodworking, and a line appears at the end of the XIX century.

Strochevyshivalnomu fishing Katunok preceded lace.

Dear clothes and interior designers

Use our embroidery and our skills in your projects. That's right, and a nice selection of traditional embroidery looks great with clothes, and in a variety of interior styles. 

Recently there has been an active tendency to adapt traditional Russian crafts to modern interior design, clothing or even industrial facilities. A striking example - recent painted Khokhloma patterns SSJ-100, a regional airliner. 

First company- the centenary of Katunki embroidery

Taisiya P. Ostroumova (Nee Plotnova) 18?? - 1949
Owner of  garments workshop in the village Katunki before the October Revolution of 1917 Taisiya Pavlovna was born in the village of Katunki in Balakhna district of Nizhny Novgorod region. The photo was taken before the marriage of Taisiya by famous Nizhny Novgorod photographer Maxim Dmitriev at the end of the 19th century. Plotnovy were known as a wealthy family, as evidenced by the record in the book by N.F. Polyakov "Katunki on the Volga", where they are listed among the richest of the villagers.