First company- the centenary of Katunki embroidery

Taisiya P. Ostroumova (Nee Plotnova) 18?? - 1949
Owner of  garments workshop in the village Katunki before the October Revolution of 1917 Taisiya Pavlovna was born in the village of Katunki in Balakhna district of Nizhny Novgorod region. The photo was taken before the marriage of Taisiya by famous Nizhny Novgorod photographer Maxim Dmitriev at the end of the 19th century. Plotnovy were known as a wealthy family, as evidenced by the record in the book by N.F. Polyakov "Katunki on the Volga", where they are listed among the richest of the villagers.

Taisiya Pavlovna's husband, Peter Fulvianovich Ostroumov was known on the Volga as a fine cabinetmaker, made beautiful furniture, but became particularly famous for his carved icons for Gorodets churches. 

Peter Fulvianovich fought in World War I, was in Austrian captivity (photo was taken in a POW camp). He returned home only after the Brest treaty.

Taisiya Pavlovna was a woman of strong character. In the absence of the husband she had to take all the care of children, and to them then it was four (in the photo from left to right - Mary, Anne, Leonid and Victor). Taisiya Pa1vlovna collecting orders for embroidery in Nizhny, Balakhna, Vasilev (now Chkalovsk), distributed them among Katun craftswomen, and then she herself was selling to customers. Soon, in 1915, she organized a workshop under the roof of his house, where ever worked several masters. For materials for this workshop Taisiya went to Moscow itself. According to his grandson, Nikolai Vladimirovich Ostroumova, Ostroumova old house on the street. Kirov had two floors: on the stone storage shed log top. When in the early 70-ies to him too close permanently collapsing bank of the Volga and the house began to break, the wall found a "treasure": embroidered tablecloths, curtains, cushion covers. Of course, everything is half-rotted, because they lay more than half a century.

The photo was taken in 1910. Far right - Taisiya father, Paul Plotnov Thais Pavlovna and Peter Fulvianovicha Ostroumova had two daughters -. Maria (married Prytkova) and Anna (married Lugovskaya), and three sons - Leonid, Victor and Michael. Her eldest son, Leonid (pictured him sitting on the lap of his father), died at Stalingrad in 1943, the youngest, Michael, born after the revolution, went missing in 1941, defending the Brest krepost.Kak told Ostroumova granddaughter, K. Lugovskaya Isolde ( Blyumina) Taisiya grandmother did not want to believe in the death of the younger beloved son Misha, because funerals it did not come. She wondered on wax and saw like a ship and therefore convinced herself that Misha was taken prisoner, and after the war, sailed to America and the rest of his days, all waiting for ... Monument Katuntsi who fell during the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 1945. The list of victims - the children of Thais Pavlovna Ostroumova: OSTROUMOV LP and wit MP All photos presented on the stand, from the family archive Ostroumova - Lugovskaya - Blyumin