Dear clothes and interior designers

Use our embroidery and our skills in your projects. That's right, and a nice selection of traditional embroidery looks great with clothes, and in a variety of interior styles. 

Recently there has been an active tendency to adapt traditional Russian crafts to modern interior design, clothing or even industrial facilities. A striking example - recent painted Khokhloma patterns SSJ-100, a regional airliner. 

We do not pretend to such heights of design art, but we dare to hope that our modest works will count. Elements of our embroidery can be used anywhere where textile is used. From simple handkerchiefs and ties up to the interiors of large country houses. 
Designers, attentive to the smallest detail, can give a polished look to the whole product. Embroidery fits well in all styles and trends of contemporary design, from the academic to the neo-expressionism. It all depends on the taste of the artist. 
The complexity of embroidery defines its scope. 

Embroidery "Nizhny Novgorod guipure (lace)" - time-consuming and expensive technology with large amounts of manual labor. This technique is used in the design of clothing (skirts, blouses, dresses, blouses, kokoshniki), or in separate parts of home interior (decorative cushion covers, dorozhki, napkins souvenir). Although lace can be applied in production of some souvenirs such as dolls. 
Six masters of different professions are needed when you create this embroidery, and weeks can be needed to make some products. Costs: embroidery size of 30 cm by 10 cm - about 450 rubles.

gladKa embroidering technique expanse - low-budget embroidery.Now there was a strong competition this type of embroidery in the form of computer embroidery mashin.No however, onlyhand embroidery give the product softness and warmth of the human heart. The use of gold or silver thread in the pattern surface of the product will give aristocratic splendor (tablecloth "Kremlin", "Holiday"), and embroidery thread to match make the product an exquisite, natural linen himself. The cost of 50 rubles.

merezhkiVarious frayed. They can be performed either manually or with special machinesmerezhechnyh. Combinations of different hemstitches with properly chosen architecture allows the entire product, with an average budget, get expensive-looking result. 
Heirloom can be of different thickness: narrow - 0.3 cm wide - 0,8 and over wide frayed - 2.0, and even more centimeters. After processing, special vehicles, wide and extra-wide frayed embroidered skilled worker in the hoop. 
Heirloom used almost everywhere. One narrow hemstitch around the edge of the tablecloth or napkins - a required element of this high quality table linen. Extensive give some color and relief product (tablecloth "Embassy"), over the frayed wide can be a major design element of all products (tablecloth "Outdoor"). The clothes also can be a little frayed stroke (blouse "Business") or the main artistic element of the whole product (skirt "Venice"). Heirloom appropriate andsouvenirs (champagne bag) .Stoimost 10cm hemstitches ranges from 1, 5 rubles to 20 rubles.

nastrochka"Nastrochka". A simplified view of "smooth surface". It used mainly in souvenir products to significantly reduce the cost of gift products. It is in this technique performed mostly logos on the products of our customers.The cost of 30 rubles.

richeliau"Richelieu". Basically, this technique is used in the manufacture of bed linen, kitchen curtains, clothing items, handkerchiefs, napkins and tablecloths souvenir. In addition, we are able to combine the traditional embroidery with decorative ribbons, achieving a modern style in the interior premises.

tesma"Bands of embroidery." We produce "gipyurnuyu" braid a few centimeters in height and virtually any length. Braid is easy to use, its stocks in your warehouse allowing quickly turn simple models in the textile expensive, exclusive projects. The cost of tapes, depending on the technique of embroidery lace main motive.

applicationFamous ancient way of embroidery - "application". It turns out very interesting details with proper selection of fabric colors. Suffice inexpensive embroidery fabric using only two colors. The pattern size of 25 to 10 costs about 130 rubles. 

mulineEmbroidery "floss from the race" and "Attach". There are several techniques that are virtually indistinguishable to the consumer and the decision on their choice of the artist lies in the region or to minimize expenses or the need for a specific color solutions. Price from 30 to 100 rubles per piece.

Tablecloths and napkins, cushion chairs, blankets on the sofa, decorative pillows, bed linen, curtains and drapes, home and evening dress, dishcloths and towels, corporate souvenirs, Russian-style clothes, blouses, kokoshniki, hats, tunics, bags, church clothes, souvenirs with the Orthodox symbols - imagination has no limits - it is difficult to name an area of ​​textile design, which can not be applied to our embroidery.