Napkin with sewed edge
Code: 02.007

Material : Organic linen 100%
Weight: 140 g.

Price: 500 РУБ/RUB

An exquisite linen table napkin for special clients. But squares of hemstitch were put on the cloth of the napkin. The product is edged with a wide double frame. The corners of the napkin are processed according to the classical technology of table linen sewing. A set of such table napkins can be an independent decoration for your table. But often such napkins are ordered for expensive exquisite large tablecloths made of natural 100% linen. The color of the napkin can be monochromatic, but you can make a wide border of such a napkin in a different color, matching the desired interior of your home.

  • On this page you can see photos of ready-made linen table napkins made by us at different times for different clients.
  • You can choose other colors of linen fabric and embroidery threads. Write to us, and we will send you a file of colors of linen fabric, which is currently in our enterprise.
  • The size of your linen napkin may differ from the size shown here up or down, which, of course, will entail a change in the price of the product.
  • You can order a set of table napkins in any quantity.
  • After we receive an order for the production of table napkins with embroidery, we make samples (free of charge) of different embroidery colors in the range you requested and offer you for approval (via the Internet).
  • We use only high-quality natural materials and therefore the embroidered linen table napkins we produce are resistant to washing.