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Katunki linen embroidery goods are unique and different. Our trade - called "Nizhny Novgorod lace" - is a modern representation of old "strochka po vydergu", which is more than 100 years' age. Katunki needlewomen are local masters who have studied the craft of embroidery from their mothers and grandmothers. 
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The tablecloth is a type of table linen that is used for table setting. The tablecloth can serve simply to protect the table top, but more often it serves to decorate the entire table, creating an atmosphere of magical action, a culinary show, an unforgettable holiday and close communication of people. The tablecloth is often completed with table napkins and runners. Tablecloths can vary greatly: from a disposable client to highly artistic, intricately embroidered handmade tablecloths. We make our tablecloths only from high quality Russian flax. For the manufacture of our best glassware requires the work of 10 craftswomen in the following operations: paint, hold, hemstitch, drawing, machine embroidery, hemstitch, stitching, sewing, ironing and packaging. We can embroider the initials of your loved ones on the tablecloths, make an individual design for an unforgettable gift for all occasions.

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