Investement prospects: Hotel "Katunki shores"

Katunki are far enough away from Nizhny Novgorod (80km) to conduct day tours. For the full tourism business must be able to stop the guests of the village for a few days. This project is proposed to organize a tourist complex on the basis of the existing property and the surrounding area - factory building strochevennogo fishing village.

Construction of a separate hotel complex will require substantial financial investment, while the existing building requires only internal restructuring premises.

One of possible variants of operating the building:

Actually the hotel is located on the first floor. Hotel rooms with different star. Several rooms for 6-10 people with shared facilities and a few double rooms with in-room amenities. Perhaps the presence of a two-room suites.

On the ground floor, first and foremost, a small shop public services or manual labor workshops, based on the existing garment factory, but in a much abbreviated form. The workshops will provide a hotel clean and beautiful (we can say exclusive) bed and table linen, curtains, bedspreads, towels and bathrobes; provide laundry and ironing all hotel textiles. Workshops will be able to produce their traditional products to guests of the hotel, thereby preserving fishery. The exhibition hall, where tourists will show master classes in embroidery, where you can hold training sessions for children to tell the story of a man-made crafts and keep an archive of our products babushek.Suvenirny shop where you can buy handicrafts or souvenirs other fisheries Nizhny Novgorod oblasti.Pomimo workshops, exhibition salon-shop on the ground floor is also possible to arrange a small cafe - snack bar fast food and office janitor -ohrany.

1. A small sauna, massage room and beauty salon spa, where you can use local wellness treatments white clay, which is a skin and an adsorbent having a great anti-aging effect.
2. Premises for the gym.

The territory of the factory:
1. Parking. To meet tourists need parking for vehicles. At the present time - a place near the post and the administration. The disadvantage of this state of affairs is noticeable when a large influx of visitors - put all the machines have no place.
Parking near the factory building after the demolition of the barracks will be on an "dilapidated housing."
2. "Gorky Sea." A significant advantage of our village. Not only the beauty of the landscape, but also the possibility of water activities should be mandatory for stays in the village. Clean beach for a swim or even a small swimming pool on the beach - a necessary attribute of a good hotel Near the factory building can be equipped with a boat ramp, and even make a small pool directly on the bank of the Volga.
3. Paragraph tourist equipment rental - another essential attribute of a good hotel. Ships and boats, catamarans and water bikes - all fishing opportunities, water recreation and travel throughout the area. Travel tents, balls and bicycles - the range can be any, depending on the range of services that will provide tourist complex.

Potential residents of the hotel.

1.Sami residents of the village. Very often young family lives with his parents and could shoot additional accommodation - hotel room. 2.Razlichnye construction teams who come to the village all year round. 3.Rybaki go to the village from many areas. Especially a lot of them in winter.
4.Gosti villagers. Not always invited guests are willing to spend the night with them inviting people: so to speak, "western" version of the communication.
5.Prostye tourists - holidaymakers who come for a week or two. When running "rest house" I had a lot of vacationers. It is necessary to restore this flow.
6.Palomniki. It is necessary to develop and offer special programs for pilgrims. Possibility of visiting daily services for several days, according to the church calendar, bathing in the holy sources, participation in spiritual conversations with a mentor, etc.
7.Uchastniki business - seminars and various Orthodox conferences that appear when the village will develop museum business, based on the story of the Nativity of the Virgin, graphs Turchaninova family, regular park Count's manor and other wealth of local history of the village. 8.Detskie group. It is possible to develop special programs for children with supervisors, working on specific programs, such as Red Ranger or Orthodox educational programs, etc.

Some of the technical and economic indicators.

1.Shtat employees.
-Director - general management of the company, strategic planning attractiveness of the village for pilgrims, the development of the mission concept and receiving tourists.
-marketolog - promotion in the market of tourist services of our hotel, advertisement, website, media, etc. - All for maximum utilization of the hotel complex.
-hozyaystvennik - management of the building renovated, the entire block of economic issues. It is the highest manager for the reception of visitors - quality control of services that meet the most demanding customer - 1 person;
-dezhurnaya on the floor - 2 persons, -uborschitsa -. 2 persons, -storozh-watchman - 2 persons. -voditel - 1 person. Accounting - 1 person. A total of 12 people.

2.Materialno-technical base. The car - minibus - for day trips to nearby towns. Economic maintenance of the complex. Gas boiler (100kV) and electric power (35 kW) fully cover the energy needs of a hotel complex

3.Dohod only on sale in tourist complex vouchers can make on a successful and proper conduct of the business about 5 million rubles per year, without taking into account income from other activities (shop, fishing, rent of tourist equipment, etc.).

4. In the development of the project on the surrounding area is proposed to build 4-5 detached cottages (apartments) with seperate entrance, have 2-4 rooms designed for one family. Cottages are equipped with terraces overlooking the sea Gorky, closed from prying eyes and provide customers with complete privacy.

5.Takim, the hotel complex will be able to serve customers in different price ranges. High level - a separate apartment in the newly built cottages. Mid - rooms for several people with shared facilities - in the factory building.