We have organized our factory building, on the second floor room with comfortable conditions for spending the night.
Two adjoining rooms, which can simultaneously accommodate 5-6 people.
Maybe it's not the Hilton, but it has everything you need for a perfect holiday village: hot water, a toilet, a thermos, kettle, comfortable beds, heating, double glazing on the windows, the silence and the beautiful view from the window of the Volga (Gorky Sea)


The cost of the agreement (500 rubles per person)
There are discounts. Call, come
Contact us here. Always welcome guests!

Romantic night for lovers in an empty factory building will give a lasting impression of a lonely presence of only two people on the planet;
Hiking accommodation for fishermen of all kinds for almost a year-round fishing Volga;
Family holidays with children who have a place to run, and without children - serenity away from the bustle of the city after a week of work;
Religious pilgrims in the Shrine of Our Lady Katun provided with guaranteed privacy and quiet for prayer and meditation.