Code: 51.011

Material : Organic linen 100%
Weight: 700 g.

Price: 5 600 РУБ/RUB

Все больше современных женщин придерживаются спортивного стиля одежды в своей повседневной жизни. Однако не хочется отказываться и от женственных элементов в одежде. Льняное платье «Жасмин» прекрасно сочетает в себе оба стиля. Изюминкой платья является ручная вышивки цветочных мотивов в технике ришелье, которая пущена по низу изделия. Льняное платье с длинными рукавами. Широкая и длинная планка с петлями в тон вышивки и пуговицами из натуральны материалов. Платье дополнено льняным поясом, хотя вы можете предпочесть купить кожаный или металлический пояс, акцентировав еще больше особенный дизайн этого эксклюзивного льняного платья. 

  • On this page you can see photos of ready-made linen dresses made by us at different times for different clients. You can choose other colors of linen fabric and embroidery threads. Write to us, and we will send you a file of colors of linen fabric, which is currently in our enterprise.
  • Since linen garments can be greatly reduced after the first wash, we, especially for our customers, produce additional shrinkage of the fabric, washing the fabric before cutting the garment.
  • We ask that you send us your actual body measurements, not just your clothing size. This is necessary in order to hedge against confusion between Russian and Western sizes.
  • Your dress size may vary according to the traditional sizes of most people. However, if the size is too large, then the price of the product may increase by 10-15%.
  • We can move a little away from the design presented here and change or add something to it. For example, sew on an extra pocket or change the length of the product. But we do not change the pattern of the pattern essentially.
  • We also offer you to complement the ordered dress with a linen accessory - linen bag, linen panama hat or linen jacket - and get a wonderful linen set of linen clothes.
  • In addition, you can always ask us to embroider your initials or a small pattern on the dress, for example, your campaign label (for an additional fee).
  • We use only high-quality natural materials and therefore the embroidered linen dresses we produce are resistant to washing. However, it is better to use a gentle wash to help your garment last longer.