Dress Shirt
Code: 51.022

Material : Organic linen 100%
Weight: 700 g.

Price: 2 600 РУБ/RUB

Dress is a straight silhouette, with a cut-off yoke on the back. Clasp for loops and buttons in the center of the shelf, without collar. The gates are made of the same fabric. Sleeve single-seam, shirt cut, wide, adjustable with a button buckle. The cuts are at the sides of a semi-circular silhouette dress. At the waist of the dress there are 6 loafers through which a belt is made, made of the same fabric. On the chest - two overhead pockets of a semi-circular silhouette. The plank is 1.5 cm wide and 35 cm long, the slip is 6 cm high, the belt and clasp of the sleeves are narrow - 1.5 cm wide. Buttons about 1 cm in diameter made of natural materials - wood, coconut, mother of pearl.