Dress Sarafan
Code: 51.020

Material : Organic linen 100%
Weight: 700 g.

Price: 3 600 РУБ/RUB
Modern dress with folk motives. Detachable dress under the bust, gathered along the cut line located just above the waist. The bottom of the sundress is wide, slightly flared. The upper part of the product is decorated with beautiful tucks and narrow hemstitching. The neckline and armholes of the dress are finished with linen braid made in a special hand-made way using wide hemstitch with embroidery. Closure to the full length of the product or - to the waist, according to your taste. Buttons (10-15 mm) made of natural materials - wood, coconut, mother-of-pearl. Perfectly worn both on a naked body and on a T-shirt or blouse. Can be worn in summer and autumn. We wash the fabric to cut, so that in the future the dress does not shrink from washing. Stable dyes. Great thing!