Home Clothes

Home clothes made of linen are all that we wear most of our lives when we are at home or in the country. Dressing gowns, nightgowns, simple wide dresses, kitchen aprons ..... Now, in connection with the crown crisis, comfortable natural free style clothing is especially relevant. Linen home dress is well worn in summer, protecting us from the heat; in winter, sleeping in a linen nightgown is a pleasure: you will never freeze. It is very convenient to go to the bathhouse at the dacha with the whole family in linen robes where your names are embroidered: you will never get confused where whose robe is. Well, a cheerful linen apron with an embroidered nesting doll in the kitchen will cheer up the whole family. The fabric is organic linen of Russian production in any color. We will shrink the linen to cut and your clothes will never shrink after washing. Wear it for health!

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