Interior Napkin

Interior napkins are a wide variety of textiles of various shapes and sizes. Decorating your home with them is a very ancient tradition. Thanks to a small piece of fabric, you can bring any mood to the design of your home - create a discreet comfort or a bright holiday. Examples of using interior napkins: cover the TV from dust; Place under a flower vase to protect furniture; decorate the middle of the glass coffee table; focus on the exquisite figurine in the sideboard. For all these cases, we will make for you linen interior napkins of various assortments. Our napkins can be simple inexpensive souvenirs with embroidered initials or highly artistic products with painstaking and exquisite embroidery using the “Nizhny Novgorod guipure” or cutwork technique. Try adding such a napkin to the interior and you will see how a simple dwelling can turn into your individual home.

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