The concept of "table textiles" can be interpreted very broadly. Everything related to decorating a table made of various fabrics is "table textiles". The main attribute of "table textiles" is a linen tablecloth and linen table napkins. However, in addition to this, you can add interior napkins for the design of your feast, for example, under a vase of flowers, or a variety of runners and towels for individual color accents, or napkins for bottles with private messages .... "Table Textiles" is part of a more general concepts - "home textiles", which includes bed linen and curtains on the windows and seat cushions and pillowcases for sofa cushions .... We will be happy to make almost all of the listed range of products from natural Russian flax using hand embroidery in the technique "Nizhny Novgorod guipure" and the use of a variety of hemstitch.